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Are you fond of adventure and planning to go fishing this weekend? Make it a point to carry your fish finding device along and then you may thank us later. Fish Finder comes in very handy for camps like these.

What is a Fish Finder?Humminbird Helix 5

Fish finders are devices which help to locate and look for fishes and other contours underwater. It works on the concept of sonar beam technology. A sonar beam is made to pass through the water and its reflection from various objects underground is recorded for a picture to know what is underwater. This almost accurately gives the distance and location of the underwater objects. It is used for industrial as well as adventure purposes.

Why must you need a fish finder?

Fish Finders can help widely as it can serve in various weathers. Its temperature gauge feature helps to locate the exact location of the fish while spawning. Also, its noise reduction will surely help to get sharp and accurate pictures even while the object is moving. Ever thought of you speeding off, the inbuilt speedometer will help check the speed. The indirect benefit of this surely is, that the fish isn’t scared and do not float away from the speeding boat, making your spotting way easier. Also, the feature of being available with different power voltages to help in dealing with different density and different depth of water. It has a smart sense features detects the bottom of the water bed and a pile of rocks differently. For this, it uses its sonar reflection intensity reading.

Humminbird Helix 5 is one such device which will definitely help you through. Its features like Data imaging, Side imaging, GPS, transducer (updatable), chirp sonar frequency will altogether enrich your experience. Its HD display screen will enable you to see through the waters clear and have a vivid idea about the contours below. Data imaging will help you get details and images from under your boat. This will help you fish more effectively and enhance your experience. GPS is auto updated and stored are details of approximately 30k lakes.

Humminbird Helix 5 comes with Compact SI Transducer which can easily be changed and updated to HD Transducer at a very reasonable rate. It will get help get more clarified down images and side images. The updated chirp sonar frequency with a double beam will get better results. Here two different sonar beams are made to pass through in two different directions and thus gives greater coverage and more accurate results. The Auto Chart live proves to a brilliant feature. It stores all the data it sees through and imports it to the PC.

With the advancement of technology and its wide use in every field is surely making work, travel, adventure and even entertainment very convenient. It is proving to be a boon in every field and walks of life.


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