Factors to keep in mind while buying a band saw


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Almost every household wood shop or a commercial level shop will always have a band saw. And if anyone is thinking of starting their business or is just interested in domestic projects they will think of buying a band saw. After all, a band saw is the most controlled type of saw which can give even and regular cuts both on wood and metal.

If explained in a simple way, a band saw is a type of saw in which the blade is long more like a ribbon which is attached to two or more wheels. The ribbon-like blade rotates on the wheels of which only a small part is protruded on the table through which one need to pass the material to be cut.

A band saw allows intricate and jigsaw cuts which is helpful in highly defined woodwork and metal cutting. Almost all the band saws are similar but differ only in blade size that is one can find a band saw in 14” size and 16” size. But before thinking about where to buy a band saw? One should know about some important factors that will affect one’s band saw shopping.


One should pay attention to the type of stand the band saw is coming with. According to one’s budget and requirements, there are two types of stands. One is of the closed type that keeps the sawdust out and also can be used for storage purposes, and the other one is of the open type which can be chosen by those who will use the saw for recreational woodwork only.

Framewhere to buy a band saw?

The frame build and type plays a big role in the overall balance and stability of the band saw. Also, it decides how long the band saw will last and how much wear and tear it can take. The most common type of frame used in a band saw is a cast iron frame. The cast iron frame is great for all kind of use and has perfect balancing and durability. Whereas the other type that is now pretty common in the market is the welded steel frame. This type is mostly found is big band saws which are used for industrial purposes also they are made up of a single layer of frame making them not os ideal for long term usage.


When it comes to the blade, it should be sharp and should be strong to endure the wear and tear. Blades differ from saw to saw, but it mostly depends on the type material that one will be cut using it. usually when selecting a blade type for cutting wood, one should take care of the drag that is experienced by the blade. So it is advisable to select smaller blade with more teeth which will clear the sawdust quickly reducing the drag significantly.


Wheels are the part of a band saw that runs the blade and gives the needed energy into it so that there will vibrations which will eventually cut the wood or metal. it also will decide the longevity of the saw, and how the blade will age with time. One can find several types of wheels like cast iron wheels which is known for its heavy build and momentum and alloy wheels which is lighter and can lead to quick wear and tear on the blade.

Buying a band saw is not difficult, but choosing the right one for one’s purpose can be stressful. But if one keeps in mind the build and components and weigh it against the usage and applications, then the overall process of buying will become very easy

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